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Get Tracking

Regardless of which price plan you choose, the product remains the same. Our pricing plans offer you greater flexibility with regards to your cash-flow.

Please contact us for this. We pride ourselves in how easy our product is to use. One of our sales consultants will be happy to demonstrate the product to you either in person, or remotely over the internet.

We perform installations at your premises at no additional cost. We can do installations in most cities and towns in Windhoek. More outlying areas may incur a callout fee. Contact us for a quotation to compare costs.


We can typically do same-day or next-day installations in major cities, but it will depend on stock levels, as well as how busy your particular installation centre is. Installations of our vehicle tracking equipment typically take about 30 minutes. We can do installations after hours or on weekends at no extra cost

Yes, your monthly fee covers all the features seen on the Get Tracking website. Unlimited use of all of the vehicle tracking and fleet management features are included with this price. The only exception is SMS alerts for which we charge N$1 (excl. VAT) per SMS sent. This is a feature you would have to enable and it is clearly explained to you when you do this.

The Get Tracking product is a fleet management solution, which means we do a lot more than just recover your vehicle if it is stolen. We can show you on a map where your vehicle has been, what speeds it has been driving at and where it has parked as well as numerous other fleet management features. Get Tracking does not offer a ‘recovery only’ product, so if you do not need the car tracking and fleet management features we offer as standard, you may find that we are not as competitive in price.

Discounts are given for fleets with three or more vehicles. As your fleet expands, we will offer you further discounts on new purchases. Contact us for a quotation to compare prices and options.

The past activities of your vehicles are stored on our servers for more than three months, at a 15 second resolution, allowing you to see everything that has happened since then. We guarantee three months of historical positioning but typically never delete your data.

The system uses real time tracking updates every 15 seconds.

The unit is installed in a way that makes it difficult to find. As each vehicle is different, our installers will find a hidden position that works in your vehicle. There are no long antennas that can be traced back to the tracking device.

Unfortunately we do not install in motorbikes.